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Our Moto : Your Cargo My Priority

Our Licensed Custom Brokers will work with you to expedite the customs clearance of your shipment

Kinship Agency Pvt Ltd provides exceptional service to any and all types of importers and Export in a wide variety of industries.

Kinship Agency Pvt Ltd Saved time for things that really matter.

In order to provide PREMIUM services to our clients, We offers the following expertise and services:

Diverse Approach

Obtain clearances at all Commercial Customs ports of entry in Kanpur and India

Professional Team

Highly trained team will direct do all calls, urgent and non-urgent, to take feed back from our respective client.

Expert Custom Broker

Clearances for all modes of transport: AIR, OCEAN, TRUCK, RAIL as well as Pre and post entry compliance expertise

Result Based

We are government approved custom house agent in the field of international freight forwarder.

What we offer

We are Custom clearing agent at Kanpur ICD. We a government approved custom house agent and we also providing services in the field of internatioanl freight forwarder.

We are registered with customs Department and hold a valid customs House License.

Customer Clearance

Our Licensed Customs Brokers and Certified Customs Specialists, will work with to expedite the customs clearance of your shipment, while at the same time ensuring adherence to all customs compliance and government regulations.

Project Input

Kinship Agency Pvt Ltd is your PREMIUM Custom Broking service provider. We are a Indian Broker, with a high level of expertise directed to both one-time non-commercial goods importer and to the high volume commercial goods Export.

Legal Consultation

Kinship Agency Pvt Ltd is your PREMIUM Custom Broking service provider. Our strength is cutting with a high level of expertise directed to both one-time non-commercial goods importer and to the high volume commercial goods Export.

Sea Cargo

Kinship Agency Pvt ltd has extensive experience with marine and resource industries, in plastics and hazardous goods. We understand the critical role that a good logistics provider plays in ensuring the timely, cost effective flow of supplies, equipment and finished goods.

Air Cargo

Kinship Agency Pvt ltd can also perform a critical role in your supply chain, offering consolidation, deconsolidation and order fulfillment for a wide variety of goods and cargoes. Our continuous success is based on a commitment to quality and safety measured on international standards.

Freight Forwarding

Kinship Agency Pvt Ltd recognizes that each and every client is unique, therefore, their requirements for shipping and handling are unique. At our core, we are problem solvers and we'll take the time to custom design a freight solution to meet all your needs.

AD Code Registration

At the time of customs clearance, your Customs House Agent (CHA) will ask you to provide the AD Code for that particular port. A registered AD Code is essential for customs clearance. If you do not have one, you will not be able to generate your shipping bill number, which is compulsory for customs clearance.

Online Certification of Origin

A certificate of origin is a document that certifies the country where the goods originated. A certificate of origin may be required by the customs authority of the country where the goods are being imported. It is used to determine how much duty the importer will pay to bring in the goods. 

NEW / EC Registration Online

Import Export Code (IEC) registration is necessary for cross-selling of goods and services from India to other countries. It is required and compulsory for all Importers/Exporters to mention their Import Export Code while Importing/Exporting goods and services from India.

Expert Team

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V.K Saxena

I am fortunate to work with this brand.

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Ashika Jain

I always work here as Family

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C.S Priyank tirpai

We put efforts to satisfy our clients

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

Experience with Kinship Agency Pvt. Ltd.

“Since my company has been working with RCS through their Palletforce network to France, I have been completely satisfied, not only with the service they give us, but also with the speed and simplicity of working with them….

A K Jalan

General Questions

If a person intends to import goods for commercial purposes, he has obtain an Import and Exporter Code (IEC) Number from the DGFT’s office.

Any imported goods should be cleared within thirty days from the date of unloading of goods at a Customs station failing which the goods may be disposed off by way of auction.

After the Bill of Entry is assessed by the proper officer of Customs and the duty liabilities is worked out, the applicable duty is to be paid.

Our Company

In support of our customs brokerage services, Pacific Customs Brokers will provide the following:

  • EDI capabilities and on-line documentation
  • Trade Compliance Seminars
  • Quick Response team and “no voice mail”
  • Operational support with Certified Customs Specialists & Licensed Customs Brokers

Customer relations with
transparent communication ...

Kinship Agency Pvt. Ltd. can help you get there.